Sunday, 30 May 2010

It is love?

It is love? People usualy didn't bother them self with this kind of question. But I do love bother myself for it. If love some something that you can just say it, then it can be bought, since lots of voice can be bought on a political stage as an example. So love no longer priceless, isn't it?

I believe for the one who sought for an answer, what is this love, has seen so many things those foretold as love by many people before him. But in then end, all of them just speak of love, not the very love itself.

But when one comes to give all his heart for "what is this love", maybe he would find it, but he must not force a finding to be love at all.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Animated Series “Little Krishna” – The Little Avatar

When I was in Bali, lovely accompanying my nephews watching television at the night, and we found an interesting animated show on TPI – called “Little Krishna – Darling of Vrindavan”. Well, it was the second animated series that TPI brought to public after Upin and Ipin’s series. We were so enthusiast watched them over and over.

If you ever read the Mahabharata comic by RA Kosasih, and watching this animated serial, it must be a good complement for the avatar’s childhood stories. As one of ten avatar, Krishna (or perhaps some would say Lord Krishna) were thought to be lived around 6000 B.C., when the Hastipur still exist as the greatest kingdom in the middle earth.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Udana 3.22

Today I recieved the Udana 3.22, and I found it about the same thing that the common would say, and the end of time...

That bhikkhu who has crossed the mire,
Crushed the thorn of sensual desire,
And reached the destruction of delusion
Is not perturbed by pleasures and pains.

Udāna 3.22

Monday, 17 May 2010

You aren't Wrong

There was a time when a pupil shought his master angrily, it seemed that the student just experienced a very bad oment.

Student: Master you did say that one must not think twice when a chance come in front of our eyes, didn't you?

Master: Yes, indeed I said it clearly to you.

Student: So whats wrong with me, so I get this stupid luck when I do what you've told me?t

Master: No my child, you aren't wrong at all. But I didn't mention not to think at all as well, didn't I?

Ah..., then the pupil leave his master when a red face...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Because I see it so close

Somehow I can see that death comes so close, even as it was my very breath itself. I may found it interesting since it reveals no fear within me. Somehow I fell a comfort when it comes near me, maybe I never be used with any pain form in this world, but the end of all those sorrow seems so full of charms.

But no, not yet, just give me one more single breath - so I can place my hand for others before my way to leave.

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Fate of Unchained Hearts

We might wish to understand each other, we might pray that we can stay together forever more. But there is a point when we might stop and thinking back, what are all those thing that we wished for?

Yes, maybe I can say clearly that I can't live without you. Because that feeling were the most idea that I have and I fell all the time. And I thanks you that because of you I can see the part of myself for so real. This feeling maybe all I have. Since there were no place I can chain it to your heart, then just let it be like this, cause this is me.

The fate of unchained hearts with love beyond pain.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hear My Voices

I am asking nothing nor demanding anything of your possesions. I come here with simpel wish and please don't you twist it.
Listen to me, hear my voices, is all what I need from you. Hear not what your mind whispers to you all this time. But simply listen to me. Since I can't speak it twice, hear my voices once, you'll find my true self inside you naked with only truth within.

Hear my voices. Then our song shall find its harmony.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Fly of The Broken Wings

Yes I know the wind isn't so friendly these days even it has been my very friend since long time ago. Maybe for a good reason wind were dancing crazily these days, for not letting my fly with a pair of broken wings.

No one would do such crazy thing of flying with these wings but me. I nearly took a stand where I fear nothing, my mind likely become dull enough to understand a term of fear itself. Even death is a obvious door in my next step, it may not stop me to take my flight.

Yes, I'll fly of the broken wings.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sadness End

Everyone ever come to this so called fell blue. Yes, when we can't find a better solution for a problems, somehow we gave up with so much regrets.

But no, not me. I don't have any regrets. Even this end was obviously a sadness end, but it was not chose to be like that.

Every breath I have a moment ago was to observe one single think. A freedom even on a sadness corner.