Friday, 25 June 2010

When Got Over Stress

Yes, I do really a simple person who caught in stress very easy. And my face became funny or somehow just seems like that. Ha ha…, I can’t even ignore the unknown screaming inside my head.

But, just by getting some relax moment, listening classical music, I found its quite easy to overcome my stress. At least that I did thought.

See… I got stressed very easily Angry smile

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Agony everywhere

Yes, agony is everywhere, and somehow human stuck on it, dunno if they (really) love it or somehow just can’t leave it alone…

Agony now, agony hereafter,
the wrong-doer suffers agony in both worlds.
Agonized now by the knowledge that one has done wrong,
one suffers more agony, gone to a state of woe.

Rejoicing now, rejoicing hereafter,
the doer of wholesome actions rejoices in both worlds.
Rejoicing now in the knowledge that one has acted rightly,
one rejoices more, gone to a state of bliss.

Dhammapada 1.17, 1.18

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Running Away...

There were always an easy exit for every problems, and people who love it called it as "running away". But do this really works out? Hmm..., that would be a question isn't it?

I love to joke with some people who were in kind of serious problems. Trust me, they were always complaining many (and even more) things, their jobs, their studies, their home, their friends, their family, their (said as beloved) partner, even the inosence cat. Can you believe that? Or do you sometimes sound like one?

The similar thing about the complain is, the more you felt have had something in your grasp, the more severe the complain, the more severe you stress and problems become.

And then, you felt like you wish everything just diappear from your side. You don't know what to do anymore. Suddenly you realise, that everything won't just disappear that simple. But you..., you can dissapper from everything, or you thought so.

This door of chance, we call it running away.... Ah, sound intresting don't you? Would you take it?

I don't know where this door will lead somebody, they maybe luck avoiding the core of problems, but others maybe not as lucky as those gentlement.

Understand yourself, take a deep breath, then you shall know clearly whether you wish to use that door - the easy exit.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Faces Those I Never Knew

I heard the rain start falling down tonight, is sounds so romantic. The air becomes light, and my breath ever lighter. I never thought I still traps myself on my own imagination, even the voice calls me so clearly.

And I say to myself, enough is enough. They are just faces those I never knew, maybe I did stop to understand them as unexplained part of my wild passion. Someone who didn't even look to his own heart, I won't call it a coward, but he just can't trust enough his own mind - his own soul.