Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The way to Intelligence

Sorrow is the result of a shock, it is the temporary shaking up of a mind that has settled down, that has accepted the routine of life. Something happens - a death, the loss of a job, the questioning of a cherished belief - and the mind is disturbed. But what does a disturbed mind do? It finds a way to be undisturbed again; it takes refuge in another belief, in a more secure job, in a new relationship. Again the wave of life comes along and shatters its safeguards, but the mind soon finds still further defence; and so it goes on. This is not the way of intelligence, is it?

K on Commentaries On Living, Series 3, Chapter 36

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Is Understanding The End?

We always though that if understang something, then that would be enough. But is it true that understanding would be the end?

Understanding fills the gap between our mind and reality. But it still - in fact - we are seperated with our reality. And while separation still exist, our movement still get a chance to turn into chaos.

There is something, that dismise the gap, but I am afraid, it isn't something that we can understand, or explained by merely words. If it can be explained, then understanding would be enough to connect us with the reality.

I don't what you call, a deep understanding? A complete aweress? The supreme consciousness? Or perhaps - God itself.

Love is living

Love is something that really lives, no matter how you feel it, look at it, it grows and lives with your every single of your breath.

But, if its root were cut, than surely - it will die. And just like everything else above this earth, you just can't revive the death.

And like other things too, love can grow again from the scrath if there is exist the seed of love. What you need is to watch it grows, so you won't miss anything that can cut its root ever again.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Religion is not belief

Religion, surely, is the uncovering of reality. Religion is not belief. Religion is not the search for truth. The search for truth is merely the fulfilment of belief. Religion is the understanding of the thinker; for what the thinker is, that he creates. Without understanding the process of the thinker and the thought, merely to be caught in a dogma is surely not the uncovering of the beauty of life, of existence, of truth.

The Collected Works, Vol VI 3rd Public Talk, 1949 Rajahmundry, India by Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Mind Boundaries

One may have been asked one self, whether he can become creative, which is a genuine creativity that borns within. I really don't know, but to has that kind of creativity, mind be set up free of boundaries.

How can mind understand such creativity if its bounded it self into some limitation like idea or point of view. A mind need to become a wholeness, so it can see its' own boundaries, that set it self free by naturally.

And then, withing such as complete freedom, maybe mind can understand what is this creativity.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Process of Art

"You're confusing product with process. Most people, when they criticize, whether they like it or hate it, they're talking about product. That's not art, that's the result of art. Art, to whatever degree we can get a handle on (I'm not sure that we really can) is a process. It begins in the heart and the mind with the eyes and hands."

- Jeff Melvoin

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Don't get bore

Have you ever feel so bored that even for killing time you no longer has passion? Well, you really did get bore then.

There were a nice (I think ist funny) quote from Chuck Palahniuk, it said "All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever boring."

Well, then now, is up to you.