Sunday, 30 January 2011

Worst Circumstence

Somehow we simply can't avoid being stand on the worst condition, the bad scenario, where it seems of having the continuation of misfortune and sorrow around the ground we stand on.

The higher a tree, the stronger it shall blown by the wind. If it doesn't grow on good land, it becomes fragile then would fall after a single great blow.

Yes, we are as the same as the tree. Education we might say as our solid ground. Education isn't always about formal school, Its about our daily life, teach isn't always the same as educating.

When we are on the worst situation, lets see if we can stand firm and smile gently. Even at the end we would fall, then lets see, whether we fall for something or for nothing. Do not be affraid of getting hurt, since life has many things which offering it.

Walk your path, even under the heaviest rain.

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Inner Peace

We can not deny if we – human – have a lot of problems which maybe some of them are already made us restless enough. Then we simply seek something that can give us – just a moment to take a deep breath, a moment of peace, a time of relaxation.

We seek it everywhere, around the beach, the botanical garden, the arcade, the grand park, the theatre, even inside a night pubs. But the question should be, is there peace already within you?

The right question about our inner peace, should lead us to the right issue of our chaotic life.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


One day a man was walking along the street and instead of looking at the beautiful sky he was watching the pavement as he went along. Then he saw in the distance something very brilliant. He went rapidly towards it, picked it up and looked at this extraordinary thing, and he was in a state of beatitude, because it was extraordinarily beautiful. So he looked at it and put it in his pocket.

Behind were two people, also walking. One of them says to the other "What was it that he picked up? Did you see his expression, what an ecstasy he was in by the very act of looking at it?"

And the other - who happened to be the devil - said, "What he picked up was truth."

And the friend said "That is a very bad business for you that he has found it".

He said "Not at all. I am going to help him to organize it."

And that is what we have done - we have the systems, the methods, the practices of the gurus. And so a mind that is enquiring into the nature of truth must be free totally from all organized pursuit, all organized practice, all organized enquiry.

J. Krishnamurti 4th Public Talk New Delhi 20th December 1970

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Never Ending Misfortune

Have you ever feel like luck never take a side with you? Like everything you've been done whole this time would be swept away easily because there is a single factor that doesn't not exist?

We done everything, yet everything is undone again and again. Yes, we call it misfortune. Even it might be getting worst, and we call it bad luck.

No matter what you call it, it still the part of our life. But the reason is, is that really a misfortune? That would be the essential question.

Guano could be a complete junk, but some people could turn into gold, of course without alchemia or anything like that. They are just changing view, from misfortune, into fortune, aren't they?