Sunday, 30 January 2011

Worst Circumstence

Somehow we simply can't avoid being stand on the worst condition, the bad scenario, where it seems of having the continuation of misfortune and sorrow around the ground we stand on.

The higher a tree, the stronger it shall blown by the wind. If it doesn't grow on good land, it becomes fragile then would fall after a single great blow.

Yes, we are as the same as the tree. Education we might say as our solid ground. Education isn't always about formal school, Its about our daily life, teach isn't always the same as educating.

When we are on the worst situation, lets see if we can stand firm and smile gently. Even at the end we would fall, then lets see, whether we fall for something or for nothing. Do not be affraid of getting hurt, since life has many things which offering it.

Walk your path, even under the heaviest rain.

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