Monday, 18 April 2011

Keep Moving Forward

Life surely has moments in which we feel down, sad, or desperate. I won't say it would be easy, neither it would be a moment where you find joy in struglling with your own consciousness.

Keep moving forward would be a word that seems as possible seing the sun will rise from East tommorow. But, we human are tend and capable to dealing with any possibility without any regret, we chose to live fully.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Relation of Exploitation

As most of us seek power in one form or another, the hierarchical principle is established, the novice and the initiate, the pupil and the Master, and even among the Masters there are degrees of spiritual growth. Most of us love to exploit and be exploited, and this system offers the means, whether hidden or open. To exploit is to be exploited. The desire to use others for your psychological necessities makes for dependence, and when you depend you must hold, possess; and what you possess possesses you.

Without dependence, subtle or gross, without possessing things, people, and ideas, you are empty, a thing of no importance. You want to be something, and to avoid the gnawing fear of being nothing you belong to this or that organization, to this or that ideology, to this church or that temple; so you are exploited, and you in your turn exploit.

Q: When a man has a message, the relationship between a man and his message is usually a teacher and his teachings. And the teacher often has followers, and his message is a system - why don't you consider yourself a teacher and your message a system?

K: Generally a teacher has a message and followers - a teacher. Why don't you consider yourself as a teacher and have followers? I have made it all fairly clear, haven't I? Don't follow anybody and don't accept anybody as a teacher except you yourself become the teacher and the disciple for yourself.

Relationship based on mutual need brings only conflict. However interdependent we are on each other, we are using each other for a purpose, for an end. With an end in view, relationship is not. You may use me and I may use you. In this usage, we lose contact. A society based on mutual usage is the foundation of violence. When we use another, we have only the picture of the end to be gained. The end, the gain, prevents relationship, communion. In the usage of another, however gratifying and comforting it may be, there is always fear.

To avoid this fear, we must possess. From this possession there arises envy, suspicion, and constant conflict. Such a relationship can never bring about happiness. A society whose structure is based on mere need, whether physiological or psychological, must breed conflict, confusion, and misery. Society is the projection of yourself in relation with another, in which the need and the use are predominant. When you use another for your need, physically or psychologically, in actuality there is no relationship at all; you really have no contact with the other, no communion with the other. How can you have communion with the other when the other is used as a piece of furniture, for your convenience and comfort? So, it is essential to understand the significance of relationship in daily life.

Dependence sets going the movement of aloofness and attachment, a constant conflict without comprehension, without a release. You must become aware of the process of attachment and dependence, become aware of it without condemnation, without judgment, and then you will perceive the significance of this conflict of opposites.

If you become deeply aware and consciously direct thought to comprehend the full meaning of need, of dependence, your conscious mind will be open and clear about it; and then the subconscious with its hidden motives, pursuits, and intentions, will project itself into the conscious. When this happens, you must study and understand each intimation of the subconscious. If you do this many times, becoming aware of the projections of the subconscious after the conscious has thought out the problem as clearly as possible, then, even though you give your attention to other matters, the conscious and the subconscious will work out the problem of dependence, or any other problem. Thus, there is established a constant awareness, which will patiently and gently bring about integration; and if your health and diet are all right, this will in turn bring about fullness of being.

Jiddu Krishnamurti on The Book of Life.

We know no love

Our problem is, is it not, that our lives are empty, and we know no love; we know sensations, we know advertising, we know sexual demands, but there is no love. And how is this emptiness to be transformed, how is one to find that flame without smoke? Surely, that is the question, is it not?

Jiddu Krishnamurti on On love and loneliness, First Talk in Bombay 1950.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

There is No Reasoning

Sometimes one's act based on no particular reason, it just flows simple like a river on the spring. Even if someone else were asking him what is the reason, he has no answer.

The problem that might rise is not all of the people can accept openly an act without reason. Why you help them if there is no reason? That would be a common example of simple denying.

Pure act has no reason, nor should one searching for it. It is a part of one's heart, your action based on what your heart says, then there would be no reason, except your action was coming from your logic, there shall you find a lot of reasoning.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Why should I choose?

Your tendency, your proclivities, your inclination, your social background, religion - all that pushes you in a certain direction, and you say you are choosing. You see, sir, I question this whole way of choosing. Why should I choose? If a man is free, he has no choice. There is no question of choice. Finished. That is why I said at the beginning that to establish a serious discussion, there must be this examination of freedom and peace. Otherwise you can't proceed.

Jiddu Krishnamurti “On Conflict”. First Dialogue Rome 1966.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bed Time Stories

I remember when years ago I got to bed with bed time stories once for each night. Well, looking by my age now, no one who would give me a bed time story.

It was nice listening to stories, making your imagination flew like unwinged wild pasion. You can create beyond this world boundaries.

And do you know how to create such a wonderful bed time story? Which goes beyond this world boundaries? First, you must understand what that boundaries are, don't you think you so?

Simple it was said, our ego created the boundaries. And simple it was said, that only with love those root of boundaries shall be disolved by itself naturaly. So, even a child would know, that all we need to make a bed time story wonderful is love.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Will This Be Enough?

One feels hunger, he founds food, he eats and satisfied. Then..., one feels cold, he founds cloths, he wears them and satisfied.

One feels insecure, he build a house, stay within and satisfied. But wait, he feels another thing again, then he makes him self found something to overcome that feeling.

He feels another thing after another. He think he would satified enough at the begining, but its only a begining in the end. And he knows the very question, when will this be enough?

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Short Breath

How long do you think a human life span last? A century for today already called as miracle, but even when was entering my twenty five, I just felt as I am already pass half way of my short breath.

Yes, human doesn't life so long, if compered to a life of insect, like a mosquito which only last for a couple weeks, our life span seems so long. But when compare to life of a star, human life span is nothing but a blinking of eyes.

I would say, yes we are life long enough, but as well as a short breath we have for this one life. Somehow, with this short breath, I wish there are meaningful things as beauty as morning blossom.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scattered Memories

Within the boundaries of one imperfect mind, there are scattered memories lay everywhere just like grasses above the meadow. Some of them made by tears and others by joys.

Human are a fragile creature with fragile soul, yet they can show unbelievable strange of conviction toward what the felt as the rightful path. If their act are solely determined with this scattered memories, then their life only a shallow and a pitiful life.

Memories only became part of the past, and those who moves forward with holding back into his/her past, were never move at all actually. But, I don’t think the problems here is about this scattered memories. Eventually, every life that capable to save something in imaginary way, they shall naturally has a kind of memory within, it is something so natural to happen in this life.

So being aware that only the natural think would give us a chance to not holding back into the abyss of past. Just like falling cherry blossoms, you shall not hold them to stay on the tress.