Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scattered Memories

Within the boundaries of one imperfect mind, there are scattered memories lay everywhere just like grasses above the meadow. Some of them made by tears and others by joys.

Human are a fragile creature with fragile soul, yet they can show unbelievable strange of conviction toward what the felt as the rightful path. If their act are solely determined with this scattered memories, then their life only a shallow and a pitiful life.

Memories only became part of the past, and those who moves forward with holding back into his/her past, were never move at all actually. But, I don’t think the problems here is about this scattered memories. Eventually, every life that capable to save something in imaginary way, they shall naturally has a kind of memory within, it is something so natural to happen in this life.

So being aware that only the natural think would give us a chance to not holding back into the abyss of past. Just like falling cherry blossoms, you shall not hold them to stay on the tress.

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