Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Forbidden Path

Human has a freedom to walk in any direction he will, in any path he prefer to take. And there is no such dogma needed to force someone to take what is right instead what is wrong acording to something else beside his heart.

I believe if one takes a decision by his heart, it would not lead to any wrong direction. But if he failed to listen to his own heart, the path may turn into a hellish one.

And the only reason why one could fail listen to his own heart, is because he is confusing. By the dogmas, by the traditions, by the norms. By anything that divides this world into black and white, into right and wrong.

Anything that would not let him entering the forbidden path, which perhaps never even an existence in reallity.

Listen to your heart honestly, then you may see what are the actual forbidden paths, which the by nature, you won't take those paths.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lack of Miracles

Somehow people wonder, is there any miracle that would pop up in their usual boring day of today? Because somehow, we wish - perhaps unconsciously - so something good even great happening to us without any prior notice. In the end, wish the routine daily life would just change into a wonderful day.

So, do you thing there was a lack of miracles? Or just people only has no capability to enjoy the life they already had?

Miracles are not something we can hope for escaping from reality. But, I think then, the complete understanding of our reality would be the greatest miracle that we can found. Since that understanding would surely makes us live fully.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If we can do everything

Imagine if people are capable of doing everything. What kind of life shall we take into the future, or what step we take for today? Do we prefer, travelling all over the seas and continents to find our adventurer spirit? Or do we prefer opening a small shop as a flourist?

Shall we see our self life in the middle of high class properties, or just a small simple lovely house in the middle of nowhere?

I think when we dream of capable of almost anything, we may see the form of our very desired one. But if we then just find that dream exactly as how we are today, what is mean then?

Are we satisfied enough of our life? Are we love the life that we walk in today? Or, are we stupid enough by not seeing anything to make a better future?

Well, those question shall not be answered by anyone else but our self, will they?

A Great and Totality of Feeling

In the modern world where there are so many problems, one is apt to lose great feeling. I mean by that word feeling, not sentiment, not emotionalism, not mere excitement, but that quality of perception, the quality of hearing, listening, the quality of feeling -a bird singing on a tree, the movement of a leaf in the sun.

To feel things greatly, deeply, penetratingly, is very difficult for most of us because we have so many problems. Whatever we seem to touch turns into a problem. And, apparently, there is no end to man's problems, and he seems utterly incapable of resolving them because the more the problems exist, the less the feelings become.

I mean by "feeling" the appreciation of the curve of a branch, the squalor, the dirt on the road, to be sensitive to the sorrow of another, to be in a state of ecstasy when we see a sunset. These are not sentiments, these are not mere emotions. Emotion and sentiment or sentimentality turn to cruelty, they can be used by society; and when there is sentiment, sensation, then one becomes a slave to society. But one must have great feelings.

The feeling for beauty, the feeling for a word, the silence between two words, and the hearing of a sound clearly;all that generates feeling. And one must have strong feelings, because it is only the feelings that make the mind highly sensitive.

What is feeling? Feeling is like thought. Feeling is a sensation. I see a flower and I respond to that flower; I like it or dislike it. The like or the dislike is dictated by my thought, and the thought is the response of the background of memory.

So, I say, "I like that flower," or "I do not like that flower"; "I like this feeling" or "I do not like that feeling."

Now, is love related to feeling? Feeling is sensation, obviously, sensation of like and dislike, of good and bad, of good taste and all the rest of it. Is that feeling related to love? Have you watched your street, have you watched the way you live in your houses, the way you sit, the way you talk? And have you noticed all your saints whom you worship? For them passion is sex, and therefore they deny passion, therefore they deny beauty, deny in the sense of putting those aside.

So, with sensation you have put away love because you say, 'Sensation will make me a prisoner, I will be a slave to sex-desire; therefore I must cut it out.' Therefore you have made sex into an immense problem. When you have understood feeling completely, not partially, when you have really understood the totality of feeling, then you will know what love is.

When you can see the beauty of a tree, when you can see the beauty of a smile, when you can see the sun setting behind the walls of your town, see totally, then you will know what love is.

From “Book of Life”, by J. Krishnamurti.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Peculiar Curiousity

I don't know much thinks, even perhaps I've been life for at least a third of my life span. Even when I started to write this, I don't know where it would be going.

But still, I wrote and wrote. Curious I maybe, yet it just another peculiar curiousity in my life. I've no reason for it, but simple repeated words of "I wonder..."

Life shall provide you with so many questions, and yet a little has its answers just side by side. Even after you struggling again and again, the answers may still seemed too obvious to be a true answer.

But then again, this glutony of curiousity is peculiar by itself, isn't it?

Well, when you grow old, even not get any more wisdom, you still would be to satisfy, just by answers without a single question. Since we shall find, that our curiousity isn't satisfied by any answer in this world that has many faces, but this peculiar curiousity itself is the very answer of satisfication.