Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Forbidden Path

Human has a freedom to walk in any direction he will, in any path he prefer to take. And there is no such dogma needed to force someone to take what is right instead what is wrong acording to something else beside his heart.

I believe if one takes a decision by his heart, it would not lead to any wrong direction. But if he failed to listen to his own heart, the path may turn into a hellish one.

And the only reason why one could fail listen to his own heart, is because he is confusing. By the dogmas, by the traditions, by the norms. By anything that divides this world into black and white, into right and wrong.

Anything that would not let him entering the forbidden path, which perhaps never even an existence in reallity.

Listen to your heart honestly, then you may see what are the actual forbidden paths, which the by nature, you won't take those paths.

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