Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If we can do everything

Imagine if people are capable of doing everything. What kind of life shall we take into the future, or what step we take for today? Do we prefer, travelling all over the seas and continents to find our adventurer spirit? Or do we prefer opening a small shop as a flourist?

Shall we see our self life in the middle of high class properties, or just a small simple lovely house in the middle of nowhere?

I think when we dream of capable of almost anything, we may see the form of our very desired one. But if we then just find that dream exactly as how we are today, what is mean then?

Are we satisfied enough of our life? Are we love the life that we walk in today? Or, are we stupid enough by not seeing anything to make a better future?

Well, those question shall not be answered by anyone else but our self, will they?


  1. thats why i stop running..
    i'm trying to walk slowly and think again, what do i really want...
    because suddenly i'm afraid with sensation of the speed..

  2. Perhaps, yes, all we need is time, not for what we after, but for what we are right now.