Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Peculiar Curiousity

I don't know much thinks, even perhaps I've been life for at least a third of my life span. Even when I started to write this, I don't know where it would be going.

But still, I wrote and wrote. Curious I maybe, yet it just another peculiar curiousity in my life. I've no reason for it, but simple repeated words of "I wonder..."

Life shall provide you with so many questions, and yet a little has its answers just side by side. Even after you struggling again and again, the answers may still seemed too obvious to be a true answer.

But then again, this glutony of curiousity is peculiar by itself, isn't it?

Well, when you grow old, even not get any more wisdom, you still would be to satisfy, just by answers without a single question. Since we shall find, that our curiousity isn't satisfied by any answer in this world that has many faces, but this peculiar curiousity itself is the very answer of satisfication.

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