Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nothing in Common

Perhaps we’ve live surrounded with everything or people those have nothing in common with our self. Perhaps, we’ve live by seeing everything are so different. But, what is wrong with being different?

Well, we (mostly) will meet person with some peculiar character that we never ever imagine before. But, the problem would be, how far we can accept being different, someone with nothing in common, how far we would open our self to this world?

Can you love of being different, or can you say it love if only wish everything as you desire?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Let It Goes

I think I nearly always here those simple world inside my head. Perhaps since my life are too complex, sometimes I got a hard time to swallow those words.

The more we attached to something, it would be harder to let it goes. The pain, suffering, agony are everything those occur naturally.

And the more our effort, struggle, the more negative feeling blooms inside.

Then, I think, if we can not see clearly that we are attached at all, we can't wish to end the nature of attachment itself.

Wisdom is started, when we being honest with our self, with our attachments.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A New Meeting

Somehow, its feel very nostalgic when we met an old friend, even just by words of instant text. The world becomes smaller by our innovations in communications technology.

People no longer meeting face by face, by looking at a bright screen of a computerized devices, and typing "hi".

I wonder how much we have change this world in past century. And how it will be in next century. I think, we'll always have a new meeting.
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