Thursday, 2 February 2012

A prevented happiness

Have you ever said to yourself that you shouldn't be this happy? Or in other words, you've prevent happiness came to your life, and perhaps denying the current happy moment?

I don't know, perhaps out there are people who just wish to see other live unhappy life. But for you to prevent your own happiness it would such a waste. There must be a big reason or a great barrier that prevent to flow of happiness, which makes acceptance is nearly a miracle. Perhaps its a guilt, or another simple nightmare.

But disturbing the flow of genuine or rather natural happiness in your life would be no different than doing it to other. A prevented happiness gives nothing but simple empty self satisfaction to anybody who made it happen.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Higher Sun

I know that scientists already found planets that orbiting more a single sun (read: star). I wonder if our planet has twin or double suns. Would a day becomes brighter?

Then I am wondering if my heart has two suns, then would my life becomes brighter? Well, I soon put that question aside. I am now quite happy with flickering candle in the dark.