Monday, 24 December 2012

Seeking the Light

There all people who capable of walk without guidance, but there all people who always feel they were live within darkness and just don't know where to go.

For those who seek the light, they may walk alone if they are confidence enough. But guidance and help are there anywhere around this world for they who feel insecure in walking alone.

The path that showing kindness and compassion are the path humanity, no matter what you call it, no matter who show it to you. Walk it, and may you see the light is all over the world.

As a special note before I forget, I'd love to say "Merry Christmas 2012" for those who enjoy and celebrate the moment with their full spirit. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Belief in Miracle

Do we believe in miracle as its can happening and changing our life instantly?

How long it has been, and how many times we've seen miracle?

If you've seen none, and perfectly fine with that, then you are just fine - you need no any particular belief at all. Perhaps miracle just one of the most common think in your daily life.

But if you wish to see one, perhaps we should start questioning, what we have lost or still lack in this life? Are we feel incomplete? Why? To dare to see the question nakedly is the key to find what you may call as your own miracle.

But if you believing in miracle in one side, and stop moving forward waiting for the miracle to happen in other side. Then perhaps those belief is nothing but a waste for you. Well, just note that I said it as "perhaps".

Friday, 21 December 2012

Beneath the Sky

If human walk long enough under this vast sky, he still can find something interesting, something surprising. Because what lays beyond is to make us see that life is always anew.

If I believe, I perhaps never see it. But if I let my life moves forward, I can see almost everything beneath the sky.
Sincerely yours,
Cahya Legawa

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