Sunday, 24 February 2013

Simple Path

When one stands, there will be life. When one walks, there is consciousness.

Even life can be random. There always a path we can find with consciousness. Wherever we stand, consciousness shall guide our pilgrim.

Then, even one finds this life random, shall one never lost one's way.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Human are Strange Creature

Human indeed are strange creatures, so strange that they find it hard to understand their own kind. This hard time bring about conflict.

Even they finally understand their neighborhood, sometime they still find it hard to accept. Then they try to manipulate everything, so what they did understand become what they want to accept.

After accepting what they make, somehow some of them isn't satisfied by it, they start to change more and more.

Well, I won't say it bad; but at least look at where we now. We are the mirror of the most stranger phenomenon above the Earth - we are the human that brand our self with so title of humanity.

Perhaps after they satisfied and stop for a moment. Those strangeness would open the window, about how we look at this life, and what we really wish, what our wish really are, so then what we really are?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ghost of the Future

Les corbeaux by photomartial
Les corbeaux, a photo by photomartial on Flickr.

There are times where one afraid of one's own future. To met the future is to met the uncertainty.

Fear to look the future is part of human nature. Fortunately, we doesn't always have to look at the future. Instead, we can look after the present with all we have.

There might be no road bright enough for us. But there is our present self without a single lost in its existence.