Friday, 14 November 2014

Let my wings go

Let them go, do not hold them back! Wings isn't my nature, so I let them went away.

Perhaps I shall missed the sky, the cloud, to hug them directly. The sun, and the moon, closer than it was before.
I see, the old and tired wings asked for their time. As I took it from them, I must return it back.

Then this story shall be, the tale of wingless soul that touch his sky from above the land and sea.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Our Very Perspective

Conflicts and war brought by the clash between idea, where idea gives human demand. When the demand only for themselves and not for the whole humanity. This idea failed to show us that peace is an absolute existence.

Was the moon above or was it bellow? Surely one person who said the moon was bellow shall nailed by the community  that has perspective that moon was above. Bullying, social injustice, is a war in subtle form, it's a real conflict.

While we can not see how conflict arises. We would never see how can we live in peace. We are only then a slave of our very own perspective.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

If life seems so far

Imagine if what we want in this life feels so far. Too far to reach. We would not live our life, but only within our own misery that we create by ourselves.

Love what we have today, love is today, even it shall be our very last breath. Then, we shall see how close life is, that we and life are the same existence.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Stillness without Effort

Stillness is a whole form of formless peace. It doesn't come by any effort. You can't invite stillness by bringing about a quiet state.

Your efforts are your very movements of dualism. Where the movement of life is in friction, there will be always conflict within.

Do not try become frictionless either. Just watch. And the life will guide you. To the whole dimension we named it out of our knowledge as stillness.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fill Your Cup

Have you ever been told to empty your cup?

But know, fill your cup! Life would come to you, only if you full of life itself.

Note that, form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our Reality

When we said, this is the fact... was it really a fact? When we sure we see the reality, was it the real reality?

We do not know, or at least, I'd love to say that I don't know.

Scientists may say that our reality today only a part of some unknown projection from the event horizon. Religius people would say, what we see today only a fake reality,  a transcendent sublime fact or what so ever.

When I don't know, I simply don't know. Perhaps I can not see my self, I have no mirror. But I think I can face something that I see in front of me, even it was hiding my reality.

It Starts Within

Your mind is the key, and yes we have heard the similar phrase over and over. But how much we have know our own mind, with it's trick and it's own denial?

The world would not change, nor the society, if you don't change yourself first. And you would not change, until you know who you really are. But before you know who you really are, only after you accept all the darkness and light within yourself, you could understand - perhaps - your inner self.

It - always - starts within.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Don't Let the Slow Decieve

They may look slow, they may look shy. But do not deceived, they would show you something beyond your wildest dream.

The world of infinite time. Which you can not gain by running fast.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Do not Look too Far

It's already there. Where would you look it for?

Do not look too far, you may missed the genuine sanctuary for your soul.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Part of Nature, Part of Freedom

Into the wilderness, our soul venture. Break the cocoons that faked our reality in a dream of beautiful tommorow. The sun would not set to give us the whole new next day before presents us with a night of enlightenment.

Do you grasp the words of the lord, which dance within the sound of Twilight?

Have you meet you other self, that lost and never was exist before the owner of reality? Have you meet this mirror of continuum transgressions that born within space and time?

You were born free, isn't that part of your nature?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Peace Always There

Where were you would look for peace, but right there around you.

Perhaps your world isn't as beauty as evening painting. Or you feel like a lost sheep within the horizon of war and cruelty?

But peace always there, you just didn't see it for you always look for a light in the end of the tunnel, but you forget that you are the light, the tunnel is the illusion.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Your Unique Road

Not everyone walk the same path as you. But not everyone walk outside the road that most people took.

Do not fear if your road seemed far, uncertain, or didn't look like the usual road you took before. It just an unique road, that take your journey in different manners.

It's not about where the road take you, sometimes, it's more about how the road take you in your journey. Sometime journey it's not about destination, the journey itself is the start, is the final. Life is a whole big journey, so take your road without fear.

People perhaps would not understand the path you walk on. But does it really matter?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Beauty Within

Inner beauty surely is a popular phrase. It said as a quality of one's inner spirit and it's innocence.

A lot of skills have been developed to shape one's character into something totally opposite it's current! A lot of courses to take, to make a whole new "swan" of the paradise.

But then again, you are you. Even a lotus blooms within a muddy land, she is beautiful as how she used to be. She doesn't need more to act or think like a rose to make her self beauty, since she is the beauty itself.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Unnecessary Weight

Life such a twist. That I would like to say. In my country, we say, that since we are not a donkey, we would likely fall in the same hole twice. Well, we don't exactly say it like that, but that would explain what it means for a lot of people.

We hold the same regrets for years, we chain ourselves with never-ending sorrow. We (likely) love burdened by many things, those even beyond our understanding.

Perhaps we love to say, that life is challenging us, that fate is testing us, that time is just not right yet for us. We have that wrapped gift somewhere - we don't know just yet, since we still hold on something else.

Nothing will go away, until it has taught us...

Nothing will pass, until we move forward...

Nothing will change, until the essential uncovered...

The unnecessary weights always important, until we can see it has no importance at all. And life such a twist, love to give us something so we tend to give it more unnecessary weights, than we hate it like life never fair for us, until we see, what life truly is.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Just Forget It

Why would you attach your mind on something? If only holds you from leaving the past?

Just forget it. Or simply let it go.

It's already gone anyway.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

They are not Outside There

Have you felt like looking for a glasses that you already wear?

Many times, that what we are exactly doing. When the last time we stay or sit still, looking the sky, or just feel the gentle breeze?

I myself find that this so called modern days with its routine make me lost the track of world. Make me lost the insight to the self.

When we are too busy to stop for a moment and enjoy our cup of coffee. We would always look for happiness outside there.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

God's Domain

When I visit a temple or so, important looking people always welcome with a kind of similar speech, "welcome to the house of God", or "thanks for visiting the palace of the lord".

Well, I would kindly reply, "I am not ever leaving God's Domain, I just visiting His veranda right now".

If you only find peace within the sanctuary of temple or what so ever. You have put your peace, your God within a treasure box. You make Him so small in your life.

Say it God, peace, truth or what so ever. The land of peace or the God's Domain would never exist if you put it within a map, and try to reach it.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

No Path to Happiness

Man always struggles to find a land of happiness in his lifetime. Sometime he overturned other people land and home to create claim their own heaven.

Happiness is not a land where you can draw a map, and walk on to it.

You are the happiness, you are the path, you are the guru. Happiness is the path.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Ultimate Voyage

When I heard one said, I want a great journey, an ultimate voyage, the wildest adventure, the holiest pilgrim; I would like to say to him that he is already on it. But I kept my mouth shut, since this journey wouldn't be great if someone else told you so.

Or perhaps I am afraid is already useless. Like when someone told you that you already met the God, but you would deny it right away. If God does exist like all sacred texts from around the world say so, then God already met and guided you, only you didn't see it that way, so you wouldn't believe in any other way either.

Like God, life is unlimited, and when our capability to see being limited meets the unlimited dimension, when can not chose to see everything right away. There is a high border what I call as belief or idea. With it, we can only see the world within its boundaries. We only can enjoy the life within the cage of ideas. So life would never be a great journey at all.

Get out of the cage, and listen to the world, they will saw you what life really is. Only if listen is carefully and with mindfulness.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Mirror of Self

We would amaze while looking at incredible sceneries around us when visit mountains or beaches. Then we may amaze by our memories of that places when they on their past, or by our idea about how they become in their future.

Our time machine is incredibly amazing. But that's all, what we see at the very moment that amaze us, that's life. If one would enjoy his life, dreaming is nice, but smiling to his present is everything.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Don't Die in Becoming Happy

You can run anywhere, can search everywhere. But honestly, happiness just all around, whether we act to take it, or we pursue the other form of happiness.

We chose too much, and somehow some of us did die before he can chose his happiness.

Perhaps the forms are different, but happiness is simply happiness, nothing more and nothing less. Make this life meaningful, be mindful that we are happiness.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

This Lucky Moment

We may chose how to wake up in the morning, but we can not chose whether the sun rises without clouds in the same moment. Great things only happen when we can not chose the whole circumstances. Still, we can chose our self-conscious within those circumstances.

We can not chose the accidentally bird pops above our head, but we can always find a freedom in how to react, whether we would get angry, or we would smile happy. Yes, accidentally may bring great things, since we can not chose it.

Time is such precious journey, make great things from each small thing that happened beyond our control. Never attached, and you would be a great act of creativity.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Enough is Enough

How to get enough? When I think if I desire, I can desire anything, can't I?

Then to see that desire, I would find even the world is not enough. The is, the world is too big to conquer. Even after (supposedly) conquer the world, perhaps it still not enough.

When I know the world is not enough, keeping desire alive just make me take more and more from this fragile world.

But can I desire less?

Desire is desire..., no more no less... we can only meet desire as it is. If we want a simple breakfast, that just a desire. If we wish for a luxurious yachts, that also desire. But which one is much and which one is less?

Desire always comes and goes. But when we conscious to take only what we need, then everything would be perfectly enough.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Do Not Wait

What are we waiting for? Salvation? A better chance?

Enjoy the live as we breath, dance with the nature as we fall in love with life.

Life just too short if we wait it to show us every good side of today.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Better Today

I may try become a better person today than a person that exists in yesterday. But the definition of being better itself is a cloudy definition.

I may become someone better on a scale of many limitations. I am learning so I am better in knowledge. But knowledge is always limited. So within this small border, exist a better me from time to time, but time also a limited dimension.

How if I stand within a world without boundaries? How if I am the limitless universe? Shall I have a better today? Which day I shall compare to get a better form of limitless universe.

When I find myself as a form that part of world that full of limitations. Then I shall find a better today. When I stand as a limitless universe, than all the days cease to exist as compared consciousness.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Moving Life

If we let ourselves sleep today perhaps we reach tomorrow but we missed the day we left behind. Clock is ticking, so we know our life always been moving forward.

But where our journey took us? The past won't came back. The only thing we can do so we won't regret the future, is to appreciate where we stand right now.

Take a look around, that's what our life look like now. Move forward but not run away from what we are today. Change for the better, but love what we have for today.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Path

Pupil: Master, teach me how to reach Him, the ultimate savior.

Master: My dear friend, all that I can share you, that I can teach you is knowledge to find the path to your goal.

Pupil: Then, please tell me Master.

Master: You must aware, that what I am going to tell you won't led you anywhere near your goal.

Pupil: How can that be Master? You tell me the way, and I will follow it, how can I won't reach my destination?

Master: My small knowledge only show you the way, but the knowledge itself is not the way. Knowledge is lantern, knowledge is compass, but not the path. Lightning the lantern or seeing the compass would not take you anywhere.

While they can help you see in darkness, and show you the world when you lost. It will not take you to your goal.

Pupil: But I will follow the light and the compass, if I have them, I won't get lost.

Master: Dear friend, how can a small light show you the entire dark world, how can a small compass show you what is beyond the mountain? You will meet the unknown. That's the nature of the journey you wish to take.

Pupil: If I meet the unknown, I seek the answer from the knowledge that you will gave me.

Master: Ha ha ha..., oh dear, knowledge is limited, for that you search is unlimited, how could what I am going to teach you will help you?

Pupil: But your knowledge came from Him, from the existence without boundaries? How could it is not perfect? There should be no flaw within your knowledge.

Master: Being perfect is an illusion, being flawless is an illusion. Indeed my knowledge came from Him, if you prefer to say so, it doesn't need to be perfect in the first place. Do I need know your height, your weight to greet you my friend? I almost have no knowledge about you, yet we have this conversation. Life doesn't need a perfect information, a perfect knowledge. That is way, you must not attached to what I shall give you in words.

Pupil: But Master, what shall I do if I got lost, and your knowledge can not show me the way?

Master: What you have there, would be?

Pupil: I do not know, since I would likely all alone in the darkness.

Master: That's it. You still have yourself, when you say all alone, haven't you?

Pupil: Yes, but still alone.

Master: Do you think am not all lone this time?

Pupil: -

Master: So, would you like to get the knowledge now?

Pupil: Yes, but what is this knowledge that I would have very limited resources from it.

Master: You may call it religion; or whatever you like.

Pupil: And when I am in darkness?

Master: If this religion doesn't help you, ignore it or throw it away instead of becoming a burden for you.

Pupil: And will be all alone.

Master: Yes.

Pupil: I have to walk out myself.

Master: Yes, indeed you have.

Pupil: Can I walk out myself?

Master: I have no answer for your future. To meet Him, you don't need an exclusive invitation card, just yourself is enough.

Pupil: How about this so called religion?

Master: It's your map, put it away when you don't need it. When you already there outside the darkness and meet your destiny, you won't need a map. It's a useless thing.

Pupil: But you keep your map until today?

Master: So I can give the copies to them who do not believe that a map is  the absolute answer of their problems.

Pupil: So I am going to get that map?

Master: Ha ha ha.. Yes, you just asked me to.

Pupil: And the end, I have to walk walk without it when I reach the unknown.

Master: Now you get it.

Pupil: Nothing would help me but myself.

Master: Yes, and that what I would call as wisdom.

Pupil: Can I have this wisdom?

Master: You can learn one or two, but now everything, in other words, you need not to learn everything.

Pupil: Will you teach me?

Master: Which one you would learn? The Path to Almighty One by learning religion? Or, the path to yourself by sprouting wisdom within yourself?

Pupil: Can't I learn both?

Master: You can... but is not common...

Pupil: What would I be?

Master: Hmm... perhaps the combination of every imperfect things?

Pupil: Should I worry?

Master: No, I am just consider some other things...

Pupil: What's is that Master?

Master: The start of an Imperfection would likely creates other imperfections. So do the start of a Religion would likely create another religions.

But so, even not my knowledge is eternal. Nor this religion is eternal. Let the world has its own way. Those that have a start, would meet the end, so do knowledge, so do religion, so do beliefs.

Knowing this, would you start receiving the two paths? Even perhaps you would likely walk the hardest way?

Pupil: I do not know what you mean. I do not know the future. But I would love to learn from you.

Master: Then you shall learn a little from me, but much from yourself. I shall show you the way, but for what I show you is not the way itself, be aware from time to time, otherwise you would find yourself trapped within illusion of the rightful path.

Friday, 20 June 2014

It is here, Not there

How many times we have blamed others for our misfortune? How many times we have cried for sorrow that others brought to our life?

How many years we have struggling for peace in our daily routines? How many centuries humanity has struggling for peace upon the earth?

But did we ever see within? Perhaps peace are not so far out there or far in the future?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Which to Change

Once, I wish to change the world to make it a better place. But then I see, I know nothing about a better place no matter how much I read and learn about it. The world are too complicated we want to draw a red line that connects everyone.

Then, I want to change those around me. So perhaps, this little world around me becomes peaceful and blissful. But then I see, people do not always think the same way as me, do not see the world as I do. And I can not feel the ideas that they feel about this world.

I stop my self to change the world, and to change those around me. The job of an avatar, messiah or prophet doesn't suit me at all.

I don't know how much time left for me. At least for now, I let myself walk with honesty, about how I see the world, how I feel this life. It is my mind that wish to correct the world and those around me, it is my mind that I have to aware of. Awareness of my own mind is the most possibly change.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Jalanan dari Panel Surya

Saya melihat ide ini cukup populer belakangan ini, termasuk banyak diperbincangkan sebagai salah satu kreativitas yang bisa menyelematkan masa depan planet ini.

Saya membayangkan jalan-jalan (baik jalan raya, protokol, arteri, hingga jalan setapak bagi pejalan kaki dan pesepeda) terbuat dari panel surya. Jalan adalah satu-satunya area yang tidak tertutup pada siang hari (kecuali masuk ke dalam terowongan).

Jalan-jalan itu akan jadi pemasok energi bagi dirinya, dan bagi lingkungan. Eh, apa untungnya jalan memasok energi bagi dirinya? Ya, jalanan bisa dibuat bersinar dengan lampu LED yang awet, dan menjadi marka jalan. Terutama pada malam hari, kan malah meningkatkan keamanan berlalu lintas. Lalu pada sekitarnya bermakna bisa menjadi energi bagi penerangan jalan atau rumah-rumah di pinggir jalan. Atau menjadi sebuah stasiun pengisian bahan bakar listrik bagi kendaraan berbahan bakar listrik yang ramah lingkungan.

Ada banyak hal yang bisa terwujud dari ide sederhana ini, dan ternyata sudah mulai diujicobakan. Saya tidak tahu apakah saya akan cukup berumur panjang untuk melihat teknologi dapat diterapkan bagi masa depan kita. Karena terus terang, ide ini sangat mengusik untuk segera terlihat wujud praktisnya.

Simplicity is Simple

I know we love to quote Einstein when he said, make everything as simple as possible but not make it simpler. Yes, simplicity is simple.

Perhaps you love being complicated, even your social network's state that your are intoxicated with many complicity. Well, life is life, you would likely lie if you said the other way.

Simplicity is as a zen master said, eat when hungry and sleep when sleepy.

Simplicity as a boat roaming on the endless sea without let the sea comes aboard.

Simplicity as when you are welcoming the worry of life, but do not hold it for a tea party, instead let it leaves trough backdoor.

Pick what you need, but be ware with what you want. Keep honest with what you want, but stay aware to see where it go.

And then, you shall arrive where the simplicity is.

Friday, 6 June 2014

You with Yourself

One should find comfort firstly with oneself.

If you still struggling with yourself. Distrust your own heart. You are already alone in this world.

Be friends with yourself, then loneliness would be the last thing that knocks your door. The last thing that graces you with understanding that you never were alone.

Make friends with yourself,  peace shall always be upon you.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Iced Flames

Lately I see many provoking campaign or statements on the social networks. It's about the divide opinion between the two sides of candidacy. Who is more appropriate to be number one man in Indonesia?

Well, surely I don't take any interest in this matter. At least not that much. Since my ego is there, provocation is something I would like to leave it behind.

What I need to do is make a choice, and that is enough. Even the choiceless choice. And continue to my path where I spend my work for this world. There are already so many messes around, without the need of this iced flame situation.

May peace comes within everybody understanding in this beloved country.

Friday, 30 May 2014

All is Well

Sometimes we fear that someone would stab us from behind. Well, eventually, something like that just happened. But our tendencies to see others in some untrustworthy appearance, we are then trapped within our own boundaries of fear of other's unpredictable act.

I do see that I can't see the future, I can't tell what would happen tomorrow. So there is no need to worry of something I can't never solve.

This very moment. Where the future doesn't exist, nor does the past. Can we find trust in others? If we can't, can we find good in others?

The questions are not mandatory. The easy way to solve our fear of other's unpredictable acts is to find good in theirs. Seeing goodness is part of being human, as well as seeing flaw in ours. Balancing both views shall come to us naturally. Only if we can accept what we find as it is.

I know people talked about how great is this world if everybody can see goodness in others. But without really seeing it, we would end up in the edge of empty utopia.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

No Time to Medidate

I remember once someone said to me, you should not create, spare, or look for time to meditate; since it is useless.

Well, perhaps we would glad to have a little time to meditate. To give our mind a relaxed atmosphere. To control our anger or emotions. To achieve something so called inner peace or whatsoever.

Than instead of struggling our daily life over this issue why don't we simple see if we ever have a moment, just a tiny moment when we become aware, we we are mindful.

Then, didn't we already there?

People can't mindful when his mind is full. Empty the cup, so we can use it. A full mind never mindful. So a busy mind never meditate.

A second is enough, more than all the time you push your self on some conditioned set of postures or set of mind.

When we in a condition where there is no time for meditation, just find yourself as mindful person.

We are not so Different

Dear friend, as we know, human civilization has its own history for millenia. And we still can find conflict, which is not so different from time to time.

Do we realize that we are not so different? We more alike than we are not. Our happiness, sadness, anger, despair, they are the same, even the cause are various.

Don't we have a capability of being understand other then? Aren't we a empathize being then?

I won't say conflicts should gone for good. But we have the capacity of compassionate being, so we grasp the meaning of we are more alike than we are not.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Where is the Peace?

You can not find peace by searching, you can't invent peace with a mere intellect. So where is the peace that almost everyone sought-after?

It is within yourself!

Yes, it sounds simple yet hard to swallow. Some people cultivated their inner mind to bring about this so called peace. Other just find it neglected and realized soon after they saw their own foolishness.

Peace is there, whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you pray for it or not.

Some will need faith just to make imagination of their selves in a state of peace. Some will throw away faith so they can see peace as naked as they are.

In the end, one should see peace for oneself. Nobody can bring it to you except yourself.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

To Walk Alone

Companion is a form of mirrored compassion. Walk together, side by side. And world are full of wonderful companion.

Then again, companion is not a must - at least for me in my humble and narrow point of view. To walk around by one self is always an option that we can take. Who said people can't sail by them selves alone.

Perhaps you have a place where you want to go. And you can't take someone on your journey while that someone wants you to settle down. You can't settle down either when your companion wish for a journey, except both of you are okay not to stand and walk side by side, are okay just to reach some point of this life together, and then go to each of your own destination.

Well, that just about this life. Nothing is an absolute must for each of every of you. If you ever find someone said to you that you have to had a companion or the opposite which is to walk alone; you know what to answer.

If I chose to walk alone, the be it, otherwise ... you know what I mean.

Because We Don't See Death

My dear friend, when death knocks our door, perhaps we would find ourselves in a state of graceful and peaceful. If we have a luck say so.

But then this death and that death is not really different in the end. But are unknown, if we honest to our mind, we do not know this path, we have no experience of it. And if we have the experience, we yet not dead I am certain.

To seek the unknown, we must cross the border, but of course there is no border at all. Only within imagination of the walking live, the border exist.

In the end, nothing much shall cited from this conversation. To put it simple, meet it and you shall see it, without experience it.