Saturday, 31 May 2014

Iced Flames

Lately I see many provoking campaign or statements on the social networks. It's about the divide opinion between the two sides of candidacy. Who is more appropriate to be number one man in Indonesia?

Well, surely I don't take any interest in this matter. At least not that much. Since my ego is there, provocation is something I would like to leave it behind.

What I need to do is make a choice, and that is enough. Even the choiceless choice. And continue to my path where I spend my work for this world. There are already so many messes around, without the need of this iced flame situation.

May peace comes within everybody understanding in this beloved country.

Friday, 30 May 2014

All is Well

Sometimes we fear that someone would stab us from behind. Well, eventually, something like that just happened. But our tendencies to see others in some untrustworthy appearance, we are then trapped within our own boundaries of fear of other's unpredictable act.

I do see that I can't see the future, I can't tell what would happen tomorrow. So there is no need to worry of something I can't never solve.

This very moment. Where the future doesn't exist, nor does the past. Can we find trust in others? If we can't, can we find good in others?

The questions are not mandatory. The easy way to solve our fear of other's unpredictable acts is to find good in theirs. Seeing goodness is part of being human, as well as seeing flaw in ours. Balancing both views shall come to us naturally. Only if we can accept what we find as it is.

I know people talked about how great is this world if everybody can see goodness in others. But without really seeing it, we would end up in the edge of empty utopia.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

No Time to Medidate

I remember once someone said to me, you should not create, spare, or look for time to meditate; since it is useless.

Well, perhaps we would glad to have a little time to meditate. To give our mind a relaxed atmosphere. To control our anger or emotions. To achieve something so called inner peace or whatsoever.

Than instead of struggling our daily life over this issue why don't we simple see if we ever have a moment, just a tiny moment when we become aware, we we are mindful.

Then, didn't we already there?

People can't mindful when his mind is full. Empty the cup, so we can use it. A full mind never mindful. So a busy mind never meditate.

A second is enough, more than all the time you push your self on some conditioned set of postures or set of mind.

When we in a condition where there is no time for meditation, just find yourself as mindful person.

We are not so Different

Dear friend, as we know, human civilization has its own history for millenia. And we still can find conflict, which is not so different from time to time.

Do we realize that we are not so different? We more alike than we are not. Our happiness, sadness, anger, despair, they are the same, even the cause are various.

Don't we have a capability of being understand other then? Aren't we a empathize being then?

I won't say conflicts should gone for good. But we have the capacity of compassionate being, so we grasp the meaning of we are more alike than we are not.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Where is the Peace?

You can not find peace by searching, you can't invent peace with a mere intellect. So where is the peace that almost everyone sought-after?

It is within yourself!

Yes, it sounds simple yet hard to swallow. Some people cultivated their inner mind to bring about this so called peace. Other just find it neglected and realized soon after they saw their own foolishness.

Peace is there, whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you pray for it or not.

Some will need faith just to make imagination of their selves in a state of peace. Some will throw away faith so they can see peace as naked as they are.

In the end, one should see peace for oneself. Nobody can bring it to you except yourself.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

To Walk Alone

Companion is a form of mirrored compassion. Walk together, side by side. And world are full of wonderful companion.

Then again, companion is not a must - at least for me in my humble and narrow point of view. To walk around by one self is always an option that we can take. Who said people can't sail by them selves alone.

Perhaps you have a place where you want to go. And you can't take someone on your journey while that someone wants you to settle down. You can't settle down either when your companion wish for a journey, except both of you are okay not to stand and walk side by side, are okay just to reach some point of this life together, and then go to each of your own destination.

Well, that just about this life. Nothing is an absolute must for each of every of you. If you ever find someone said to you that you have to had a companion or the opposite which is to walk alone; you know what to answer.

If I chose to walk alone, the be it, otherwise ... you know what I mean.

Because We Don't See Death

My dear friend, when death knocks our door, perhaps we would find ourselves in a state of graceful and peaceful. If we have a luck say so.

But then this death and that death is not really different in the end. But are unknown, if we honest to our mind, we do not know this path, we have no experience of it. And if we have the experience, we yet not dead I am certain.

To seek the unknown, we must cross the border, but of course there is no border at all. Only within imagination of the walking live, the border exist.

In the end, nothing much shall cited from this conversation. To put it simple, meet it and you shall see it, without experience it.