Friday, 30 May 2014

All is Well

Sometimes we fear that someone would stab us from behind. Well, eventually, something like that just happened. But our tendencies to see others in some untrustworthy appearance, we are then trapped within our own boundaries of fear of other's unpredictable act.

I do see that I can't see the future, I can't tell what would happen tomorrow. So there is no need to worry of something I can't never solve.

This very moment. Where the future doesn't exist, nor does the past. Can we find trust in others? If we can't, can we find good in others?

The questions are not mandatory. The easy way to solve our fear of other's unpredictable acts is to find good in theirs. Seeing goodness is part of being human, as well as seeing flaw in ours. Balancing both views shall come to us naturally. Only if we can accept what we find as it is.

I know people talked about how great is this world if everybody can see goodness in others. But without really seeing it, we would end up in the edge of empty utopia.

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