Thursday, 29 May 2014

No Time to Medidate

I remember once someone said to me, you should not create, spare, or look for time to meditate; since it is useless.

Well, perhaps we would glad to have a little time to meditate. To give our mind a relaxed atmosphere. To control our anger or emotions. To achieve something so called inner peace or whatsoever.

Than instead of struggling our daily life over this issue why don't we simple see if we ever have a moment, just a tiny moment when we become aware, we we are mindful.

Then, didn't we already there?

People can't mindful when his mind is full. Empty the cup, so we can use it. A full mind never mindful. So a busy mind never meditate.

A second is enough, more than all the time you push your self on some conditioned set of postures or set of mind.

When we in a condition where there is no time for meditation, just find yourself as mindful person.

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