Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Simplicity is Simple

I know we love to quote Einstein when he said, make everything as simple as possible but not make it simpler. Yes, simplicity is simple.

Perhaps you love being complicated, even your social network's state that your are intoxicated with many complicity. Well, life is life, you would likely lie if you said the other way.

Simplicity is as a zen master said, eat when hungry and sleep when sleepy.

Simplicity as a boat roaming on the endless sea without let the sea comes aboard.

Simplicity as when you are welcoming the worry of life, but do not hold it for a tea party, instead let it leaves trough backdoor.

Pick what you need, but be ware with what you want. Keep honest with what you want, but stay aware to see where it go.

And then, you shall arrive where the simplicity is.

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