Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Path

Pupil: Master, teach me how to reach Him, the ultimate savior.

Master: My dear friend, all that I can share you, that I can teach you is knowledge to find the path to your goal.

Pupil: Then, please tell me Master.

Master: You must aware, that what I am going to tell you won't led you anywhere near your goal.

Pupil: How can that be Master? You tell me the way, and I will follow it, how can I won't reach my destination?

Master: My small knowledge only show you the way, but the knowledge itself is not the way. Knowledge is lantern, knowledge is compass, but not the path. Lightning the lantern or seeing the compass would not take you anywhere.

While they can help you see in darkness, and show you the world when you lost. It will not take you to your goal.

Pupil: But I will follow the light and the compass, if I have them, I won't get lost.

Master: Dear friend, how can a small light show you the entire dark world, how can a small compass show you what is beyond the mountain? You will meet the unknown. That's the nature of the journey you wish to take.

Pupil: If I meet the unknown, I seek the answer from the knowledge that you will gave me.

Master: Ha ha ha..., oh dear, knowledge is limited, for that you search is unlimited, how could what I am going to teach you will help you?

Pupil: But your knowledge came from Him, from the existence without boundaries? How could it is not perfect? There should be no flaw within your knowledge.

Master: Being perfect is an illusion, being flawless is an illusion. Indeed my knowledge came from Him, if you prefer to say so, it doesn't need to be perfect in the first place. Do I need know your height, your weight to greet you my friend? I almost have no knowledge about you, yet we have this conversation. Life doesn't need a perfect information, a perfect knowledge. That is way, you must not attached to what I shall give you in words.

Pupil: But Master, what shall I do if I got lost, and your knowledge can not show me the way?

Master: What you have there, would be?

Pupil: I do not know, since I would likely all alone in the darkness.

Master: That's it. You still have yourself, when you say all alone, haven't you?

Pupil: Yes, but still alone.

Master: Do you think am not all lone this time?

Pupil: -

Master: So, would you like to get the knowledge now?

Pupil: Yes, but what is this knowledge that I would have very limited resources from it.

Master: You may call it religion; or whatever you like.

Pupil: And when I am in darkness?

Master: If this religion doesn't help you, ignore it or throw it away instead of becoming a burden for you.

Pupil: And will be all alone.

Master: Yes.

Pupil: I have to walk out myself.

Master: Yes, indeed you have.

Pupil: Can I walk out myself?

Master: I have no answer for your future. To meet Him, you don't need an exclusive invitation card, just yourself is enough.

Pupil: How about this so called religion?

Master: It's your map, put it away when you don't need it. When you already there outside the darkness and meet your destiny, you won't need a map. It's a useless thing.

Pupil: But you keep your map until today?

Master: So I can give the copies to them who do not believe that a map is  the absolute answer of their problems.

Pupil: So I am going to get that map?

Master: Ha ha ha.. Yes, you just asked me to.

Pupil: And the end, I have to walk walk without it when I reach the unknown.

Master: Now you get it.

Pupil: Nothing would help me but myself.

Master: Yes, and that what I would call as wisdom.

Pupil: Can I have this wisdom?

Master: You can learn one or two, but now everything, in other words, you need not to learn everything.

Pupil: Will you teach me?

Master: Which one you would learn? The Path to Almighty One by learning religion? Or, the path to yourself by sprouting wisdom within yourself?

Pupil: Can't I learn both?

Master: You can... but is not common...

Pupil: What would I be?

Master: Hmm... perhaps the combination of every imperfect things?

Pupil: Should I worry?

Master: No, I am just consider some other things...

Pupil: What's is that Master?

Master: The start of an Imperfection would likely creates other imperfections. So do the start of a Religion would likely create another religions.

But so, even not my knowledge is eternal. Nor this religion is eternal. Let the world has its own way. Those that have a start, would meet the end, so do knowledge, so do religion, so do beliefs.

Knowing this, would you start receiving the two paths? Even perhaps you would likely walk the hardest way?

Pupil: I do not know what you mean. I do not know the future. But I would love to learn from you.

Master: Then you shall learn a little from me, but much from yourself. I shall show you the way, but for what I show you is not the way itself, be aware from time to time, otherwise you would find yourself trapped within illusion of the rightful path.

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