Thursday, 31 July 2014

Better Today

I may try become a better person today than a person that exists in yesterday. But the definition of being better itself is a cloudy definition.

I may become someone better on a scale of many limitations. I am learning so I am better in knowledge. But knowledge is always limited. So within this small border, exist a better me from time to time, but time also a limited dimension.

How if I stand within a world without boundaries? How if I am the limitless universe? Shall I have a better today? Which day I shall compare to get a better form of limitless universe.

When I find myself as a form that part of world that full of limitations. Then I shall find a better today. When I stand as a limitless universe, than all the days cease to exist as compared consciousness.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Moving Life

If we let ourselves sleep today perhaps we reach tomorrow but we missed the day we left behind. Clock is ticking, so we know our life always been moving forward.

But where our journey took us? The past won't came back. The only thing we can do so we won't regret the future, is to appreciate where we stand right now.

Take a look around, that's what our life look like now. Move forward but not run away from what we are today. Change for the better, but love what we have for today.