Saturday, 2 August 2014

Enough is Enough

How to get enough? When I think if I desire, I can desire anything, can't I?

Then to see that desire, I would find even the world is not enough. The is, the world is too big to conquer. Even after (supposedly) conquer the world, perhaps it still not enough.

When I know the world is not enough, keeping desire alive just make me take more and more from this fragile world.

But can I desire less?

Desire is desire..., no more no less... we can only meet desire as it is. If we want a simple breakfast, that just a desire. If we wish for a luxurious yachts, that also desire. But which one is much and which one is less?

Desire always comes and goes. But when we conscious to take only what we need, then everything would be perfectly enough.

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