Thursday, 25 September 2014

Beauty Within

Inner beauty surely is a popular phrase. It said as a quality of one's inner spirit and it's innocence.

A lot of skills have been developed to shape one's character into something totally opposite it's current! A lot of courses to take, to make a whole new "swan" of the paradise.

But then again, you are you. Even a lotus blooms within a muddy land, she is beautiful as how she used to be. She doesn't need more to act or think like a rose to make her self beauty, since she is the beauty itself.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Unnecessary Weight

Life such a twist. That I would like to say. In my country, we say, that since we are not a donkey, we would likely fall in the same hole twice. Well, we don't exactly say it like that, but that would explain what it means for a lot of people.

We hold the same regrets for years, we chain ourselves with never-ending sorrow. We (likely) love burdened by many things, those even beyond our understanding.

Perhaps we love to say, that life is challenging us, that fate is testing us, that time is just not right yet for us. We have that wrapped gift somewhere - we don't know just yet, since we still hold on something else.

Nothing will go away, until it has taught us...

Nothing will pass, until we move forward...

Nothing will change, until the essential uncovered...

The unnecessary weights always important, until we can see it has no importance at all. And life such a twist, love to give us something so we tend to give it more unnecessary weights, than we hate it like life never fair for us, until we see, what life truly is.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Just Forget It

Why would you attach your mind on something? If only holds you from leaving the past?

Just forget it. Or simply let it go.

It's already gone anyway.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

They are not Outside There

Have you felt like looking for a glasses that you already wear?

Many times, that what we are exactly doing. When the last time we stay or sit still, looking the sky, or just feel the gentle breeze?

I myself find that this so called modern days with its routine make me lost the track of world. Make me lost the insight to the self.

When we are too busy to stop for a moment and enjoy our cup of coffee. We would always look for happiness outside there.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

God's Domain

When I visit a temple or so, important looking people always welcome with a kind of similar speech, "welcome to the house of God", or "thanks for visiting the palace of the lord".

Well, I would kindly reply, "I am not ever leaving God's Domain, I just visiting His veranda right now".

If you only find peace within the sanctuary of temple or what so ever. You have put your peace, your God within a treasure box. You make Him so small in your life.

Say it God, peace, truth or what so ever. The land of peace or the God's Domain would never exist if you put it within a map, and try to reach it.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

No Path to Happiness

Man always struggles to find a land of happiness in his lifetime. Sometime he overturned other people land and home to create claim their own heaven.

Happiness is not a land where you can draw a map, and walk on to it.

You are the happiness, you are the path, you are the guru. Happiness is the path.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Ultimate Voyage

When I heard one said, I want a great journey, an ultimate voyage, the wildest adventure, the holiest pilgrim; I would like to say to him that he is already on it. But I kept my mouth shut, since this journey wouldn't be great if someone else told you so.

Or perhaps I am afraid is already useless. Like when someone told you that you already met the God, but you would deny it right away. If God does exist like all sacred texts from around the world say so, then God already met and guided you, only you didn't see it that way, so you wouldn't believe in any other way either.

Like God, life is unlimited, and when our capability to see being limited meets the unlimited dimension, when can not chose to see everything right away. There is a high border what I call as belief or idea. With it, we can only see the world within its boundaries. We only can enjoy the life within the cage of ideas. So life would never be a great journey at all.

Get out of the cage, and listen to the world, they will saw you what life really is. Only if listen is carefully and with mindfulness.