Monday, 15 September 2014

Ultimate Voyage

When I heard one said, I want a great journey, an ultimate voyage, the wildest adventure, the holiest pilgrim; I would like to say to him that he is already on it. But I kept my mouth shut, since this journey wouldn't be great if someone else told you so.

Or perhaps I am afraid is already useless. Like when someone told you that you already met the God, but you would deny it right away. If God does exist like all sacred texts from around the world say so, then God already met and guided you, only you didn't see it that way, so you wouldn't believe in any other way either.

Like God, life is unlimited, and when our capability to see being limited meets the unlimited dimension, when can not chose to see everything right away. There is a high border what I call as belief or idea. With it, we can only see the world within its boundaries. We only can enjoy the life within the cage of ideas. So life would never be a great journey at all.

Get out of the cage, and listen to the world, they will saw you what life really is. Only if listen is carefully and with mindfulness.

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