Monday, 22 September 2014

Unnecessary Weight

Life such a twist. That I would like to say. In my country, we say, that since we are not a donkey, we would likely fall in the same hole twice. Well, we don't exactly say it like that, but that would explain what it means for a lot of people.

We hold the same regrets for years, we chain ourselves with never-ending sorrow. We (likely) love burdened by many things, those even beyond our understanding.

Perhaps we love to say, that life is challenging us, that fate is testing us, that time is just not right yet for us. We have that wrapped gift somewhere - we don't know just yet, since we still hold on something else.

Nothing will go away, until it has taught us...

Nothing will pass, until we move forward...

Nothing will change, until the essential uncovered...

The unnecessary weights always important, until we can see it has no importance at all. And life such a twist, love to give us something so we tend to give it more unnecessary weights, than we hate it like life never fair for us, until we see, what life truly is.

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