Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Menunggu Kisah Kahlil Gibran di Layar Lebar

Film animasi Kahlil Gibran's the Prophet masuk ke dalam daftar tunggu. Dari cuplikan pratayang yang diberikan, karya Salma Hayek ini tampaknya akan memukau. Siapa yang tidak mengenal Kahlil Gibran dan karya-karyanya?

Tapi pertanyaan selanjutnya adalah, akankah film ini tayang di Indonesia?

Nah, kita tunggu saja.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Change in Life

How much you wish to change and become a better person? None...? Well we are alike then...

I love to see people try and become better... in tommorow?

I think if we want to change, it won't be tommorow, but now.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Can You Lie?

Okay... instead of asking "can you lie?", how about "how many lies you have told people?" - just like we can assume that no body never lie.

Whether or the villain character of the anti hero book, or saint from a certain myth. People told lie, didn't they? Okay, you may believe that certain people don't lie.

But the question is, can you lie? It's not about other people... but you! Can you lie? It's not about the past you, or the future you, ... but you! Can you lie?

Look at the question, and may you find yourself.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Should I Follow?

Some said human are weak creatures, they would fall without a lead. Just like a civilization crumbled when their great leader fallen in history. Human has fragile soul, without someone who guide them, they easily lost their way.

Well, they perhaps right, but they can also can't be more wrong for saing those things.

Then, what about you? Will you follow someone? Or will you get lost when you alone?

Those simple question would easily answer the very question itself, should I follow?

One may have different answer from their next kin, and one may have no answer at all.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Dance with me My Love (part 2)

Move your tail, so your soul glittering with sweet fairytale. Move your wings, so your body shaking gently with the breeze that always coming.

Shake your head, so your smile will never never fade.

Dance with me, my love, so dance shall form our eternal flame.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Good Side in All Side

The basic freedom which we almost all time forget it, is a freedom to see good side of everything. Seeing it as bad would put us in sorrow, anger, anxiety and so on. But seeing is good will move us to live with a kind of gentle happiness.

For us, who dwell within dualism, life just two sides of a single coin. Chose it, which side we would prefer to look, it is the same thing in the end.

But if we don't like this idea, get ourselves outside this duality. Then everything just as good as it is.

To Walk Alone

Sometime, we find ourselves alone along with the vast horizon. When our consciousness becomes our only salvation, we start to see directly into this reality.

Some perhaps shall find an intense feeling of loneliness. And then become a pit of depression. But, if we see only the state of alone and nothing more, we add nothing more into our mind, we don't make our awareness muddy, only then shall we see the world as it is.

The vast horizon, the vast sky and the vast land. The moving clouds, the gentle wind, the warm earth. And then we have a chance to meet ourselves directly.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Cloudy Dream

Even I wish for time when I can see a dream clearly, but all that I would find only a cloudy one. Then again, since dream aren't part of reality, perhaps it was their nature become uncertain.

I wish to let free, so the formless shall bring about a form, a small drawing of future, where I can forget it now and meet in far days after.

Sleep and sleep... let the cloud entering your space of uncertainty, let them show you how fragile your soul. let them take you into a deep beautiful scenery, like living on a luxurious yacht over the grand canal.

Let you love, even when the cloud dissappear, you shall taste what left from the bittersweet dream that hugs you gently.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Collective Illusion

People may support each other since they have the same dream. Or fight each other since they have the opposite belief. Which and every one of them bring about uncertainty.

We live by stepping above an uncertain land. We breath the air of probability. Yet we wish our wishes as a fulfillment.

We does not like our idea, our dream, our illusion being crushed by anything, even if it was a whispering wind of truth. We shall condemned it as a devilish trick plot by the arch devil himself. And our grandest idea is the upmost trust of truth.

We belive all that, until the day we hear the words of - I love you - from the other side of Styx river.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Today Satisfaction

What the things that would satisfied you? A luxurious yacht? An expensive sport car? A house that looks like a medieval castle? Or travelling around the world visiting exotic place and spend nights at five star hotel?

Well, those certainty make me want some of them (okay, all of them honestly). But what I have today? A small house, a low payed job, an old motorcycle - perhaps close to become an artefak.

I have no suits, but limited cloth that just warm enough. But hey, I live in a warm climate country - lucky me.

I don't spend night a five star hotel, which mean I can't taste the five rated cuisines by first class chef. And yet, I enjoy my daily home cooked meal, yet with a lovely wife as a companion.

I don't have those luxurious today, perhaps not either tommorow or in another tommorow as well. But what I have today, has fulfill my life with bliss.

What I meet as a finite thing becomes infinite - since they are my today life.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

From Your Small Eyes

The world indeed beautiful, and yet we almost easily find hell within our daily met with the life itself.
I love the way our small eyes is just enough to meet the beauty of the world. What I need is a simple moment for both me and life having a cup of coffee together. Silent and eternally blissful.
How would you like to see this life if not by lovely gaze of lovely world?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Happiness about the Same

You may black, you may white; you may native, you may foreigner. But when you smile happily, the world took the same smile on everybody else.

Our form perhaps different per eyes, but nothing came as exempt of happiness. Love it, and the world would let you live with it.

Door to the Secret Sea of Life

One would like to find it, the realm of the eternal, the garden of immortal. The door that connect this life to another dimension of perfection. Well, at least that what describe passion of the most.

Then again, the sea is real, but the door is illusion. The light is real, but the tunnel is illusion. The truth is real, but the belief is illusion. The God is real, but the path is illusion. The peace is real, but the land is illusion.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Crossing Life

People always thought how to cross this life safely. How to get to heaven, how to become reach and health, etc.

But have you ever thought not about cross the life, instead stay within each and every moment of your life? Enjoy your way to office while on public bus? Taste a bitter coffee while you have a break?

Each moment is life itself. Cross it without seeing it would be a waste of life.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 Tempat yang Disembunyikan Google Earth

Pangkalan militer, lokasi penelitian rahasia, penjara keamanan tinggi, dan rahasia-rahasia lainnya yang ingin dirahasiakan mata dunia akan disembunyikan dengan cara apapun. Salah satunya adalah dengan menutup akses mata elang dari peta global seperti Google Earth.

Apa Anda ingin menyembunyikan sesuatu dari Google Earth? Misalnya halaman belakang rumah Anda? Ajukan saja ke Google, siapa tahu halaman belakang rumah Anda akan disembunyikan sehingga tidak ada yang bisa tahu apa yang Anda buat di halaman belakang.

Take Me Fly

Dear friend, where will you go with those pair wings... the night is coming and the fall soon leaving?

Come, take my hand, and take me fly with you.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Small and Strong

The grass most likely survive hurricane than a tree. Being small doesn't mean one can't grow stronger.

Don't decided how small yourself. Because within this vast universe, no matter how big we are, we always have to face the reality that we are indeed a small existence. But look into yourself, can you stand strong?

Fragile yet strong. So we can accept the world, but not bowing low into a lowest being.

Met the life, and let it gives you a surprise. That you never fell big enough, never fell secure enough, since you shall met life as how it is.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

I Heart You

Do you hear, the first song that wind bring in your morning?

Do you see, the painted wall of hope and smile which nature paved along your dream?

They spell the same sacred verse... which said... I heart you.

Friday, 13 February 2015

What were you fight for?

Have you asking yourself? What were you fight for?

War, struggle, and everything in the name of a greater name. Paint the world with nothing but a bit more misery.

Have you asked yourself? What were you fight for? Will it create a new life? A new peace? Shall it protect the future?

Would there a future last while your bullets run wild all the time?

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jump in to the Life

Don't worry and don't afraid, just jump in to the life. If you let worry and fear dictate your way of life, you would never enter your own real life, nor you would understand what life is about.

If you were too afraid of coexistence, you shall always destroy those around you, or running away from them if you feel hopeless.

If you were too afraid of differentiation, you shall always make everything look alike and sound alike. You shall push other to life as you like, or condemn those who walk on different cloths.

This fear, has many forms, but only the same fear in the end. So, why would you keep it? I'd say, just take off your fear, and jump to this "muddy" and "frozen" life, you shall find that you capable find clearness and warmth or create one - in time. Since you are the creator beloved sons and daughters.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The unfortunate

If there is someone who can change the unfortunate in this world, that person is you.

Always Aware

At least, when you wake up. Always Aware of your surroundings is something achievable. Like cat in the wilderness, never let go the sound that move far beyond the horizon.

Keep the world around you exist on your awareness, but don't take it inside your mind. Let the world outside just stays outside.