Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jump in to the Life

Don't worry and don't afraid, just jump in to the life. If you let worry and fear dictate your way of life, you would never enter your own real life, nor you would understand what life is about.

If you were too afraid of coexistence, you shall always destroy those around you, or running away from them if you feel hopeless.

If you were too afraid of differentiation, you shall always make everything look alike and sound alike. You shall push other to life as you like, or condemn those who walk on different cloths.

This fear, has many forms, but only the same fear in the end. So, why would you keep it? I'd say, just take off your fear, and jump to this "muddy" and "frozen" life, you shall find that you capable find clearness and warmth or create one - in time. Since you are the creator beloved sons and daughters.

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