Sunday, 29 March 2015

Happiness about the Same

You may black, you may white; you may native, you may foreigner. But when you smile happily, the world took the same smile on everybody else.

Our form perhaps different per eyes, but nothing came as exempt of happiness. Love it, and the world would let you live with it.

Door to the Secret Sea of Life

One would like to find it, the realm of the eternal, the garden of immortal. The door that connect this life to another dimension of perfection. Well, at least that what describe passion of the most.

Then again, the sea is real, but the door is illusion. The light is real, but the tunnel is illusion. The truth is real, but the belief is illusion. The God is real, but the path is illusion. The peace is real, but the land is illusion.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Crossing Life

People always thought how to cross this life safely. How to get to heaven, how to become reach and health, etc.

But have you ever thought not about cross the life, instead stay within each and every moment of your life? Enjoy your way to office while on public bus? Taste a bitter coffee while you have a break?

Each moment is life itself. Cross it without seeing it would be a waste of life.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 Tempat yang Disembunyikan Google Earth

Pangkalan militer, lokasi penelitian rahasia, penjara keamanan tinggi, dan rahasia-rahasia lainnya yang ingin dirahasiakan mata dunia akan disembunyikan dengan cara apapun. Salah satunya adalah dengan menutup akses mata elang dari peta global seperti Google Earth.

Apa Anda ingin menyembunyikan sesuatu dari Google Earth? Misalnya halaman belakang rumah Anda? Ajukan saja ke Google, siapa tahu halaman belakang rumah Anda akan disembunyikan sehingga tidak ada yang bisa tahu apa yang Anda buat di halaman belakang.

Take Me Fly

Dear friend, where will you go with those pair wings... the night is coming and the fall soon leaving?

Come, take my hand, and take me fly with you.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Small and Strong

The grass most likely survive hurricane than a tree. Being small doesn't mean one can't grow stronger.

Don't decided how small yourself. Because within this vast universe, no matter how big we are, we always have to face the reality that we are indeed a small existence. But look into yourself, can you stand strong?

Fragile yet strong. So we can accept the world, but not bowing low into a lowest being.

Met the life, and let it gives you a surprise. That you never fell big enough, never fell secure enough, since you shall met life as how it is.