Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Good Side in All Side

The basic freedom which we almost all time forget it, is a freedom to see good side of everything. Seeing it as bad would put us in sorrow, anger, anxiety and so on. But seeing is good will move us to live with a kind of gentle happiness.

For us, who dwell within dualism, life just two sides of a single coin. Chose it, which side we would prefer to look, it is the same thing in the end.

But if we don't like this idea, get ourselves outside this duality. Then everything just as good as it is.

To Walk Alone

Sometime, we find ourselves alone along with the vast horizon. When our consciousness becomes our only salvation, we start to see directly into this reality.

Some perhaps shall find an intense feeling of loneliness. And then become a pit of depression. But, if we see only the state of alone and nothing more, we add nothing more into our mind, we don't make our awareness muddy, only then shall we see the world as it is.

The vast horizon, the vast sky and the vast land. The moving clouds, the gentle wind, the warm earth. And then we have a chance to meet ourselves directly.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Cloudy Dream

Even I wish for time when I can see a dream clearly, but all that I would find only a cloudy one. Then again, since dream aren't part of reality, perhaps it was their nature become uncertain.

I wish to let free, so the formless shall bring about a form, a small drawing of future, where I can forget it now and meet in far days after.

Sleep and sleep... let the cloud entering your space of uncertainty, let them show you how fragile your soul. let them take you into a deep beautiful scenery, like living on a luxurious yacht over the grand canal.

Let you love, even when the cloud dissappear, you shall taste what left from the bittersweet dream that hugs you gently.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Collective Illusion

People may support each other since they have the same dream. Or fight each other since they have the opposite belief. Which and every one of them bring about uncertainty.

We live by stepping above an uncertain land. We breath the air of probability. Yet we wish our wishes as a fulfillment.

We does not like our idea, our dream, our illusion being crushed by anything, even if it was a whispering wind of truth. We shall condemned it as a devilish trick plot by the arch devil himself. And our grandest idea is the upmost trust of truth.

We belive all that, until the day we hear the words of - I love you - from the other side of Styx river.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Today Satisfaction

What the things that would satisfied you? A luxurious yacht? An expensive sport car? A house that looks like a medieval castle? Or travelling around the world visiting exotic place and spend nights at five star hotel?

Well, those certainty make me want some of them (okay, all of them honestly). But what I have today? A small house, a low payed job, an old motorcycle - perhaps close to become an artefak.

I have no suits, but limited cloth that just warm enough. But hey, I live in a warm climate country - lucky me.

I don't spend night a five star hotel, which mean I can't taste the five rated cuisines by first class chef. And yet, I enjoy my daily home cooked meal, yet with a lovely wife as a companion.

I don't have those luxurious today, perhaps not either tommorow or in another tommorow as well. But what I have today, has fulfill my life with bliss.

What I meet as a finite thing becomes infinite - since they are my today life.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

From Your Small Eyes

The world indeed beautiful, and yet we almost easily find hell within our daily met with the life itself.
I love the way our small eyes is just enough to meet the beauty of the world. What I need is a simple moment for both me and life having a cup of coffee together. Silent and eternally blissful.
How would you like to see this life if not by lovely gaze of lovely world?