Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Today Satisfaction

What the things that would satisfied you? A luxurious yacht? An expensive sport car? A house that looks like a medieval castle? Or travelling around the world visiting exotic place and spend nights at five star hotel?

Well, those certainty make me want some of them (okay, all of them honestly). But what I have today? A small house, a low payed job, an old motorcycle - perhaps close to become an artefak.

I have no suits, but limited cloth that just warm enough. But hey, I live in a warm climate country - lucky me.

I don't spend night a five star hotel, which mean I can't taste the five rated cuisines by first class chef. And yet, I enjoy my daily home cooked meal, yet with a lovely wife as a companion.

I don't have those luxurious today, perhaps not either tommorow or in another tommorow as well. But what I have today, has fulfill my life with bliss.

What I meet as a finite thing becomes infinite - since they are my today life.

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